NoCanTher at ImagineNano


The Bilbao Exhibition Centre attended the ImagineNano conference, which took place in Bilbao, Spain between the 1st and the 3rd of February 2018.

Oihane Ibarrola, Scientific Responsible for Process Technologies and Ángel Del Pozo, Responsible of registrations and Patents, (BioPraxis), presented the talk about the Nocanther project under the title “Nanomedicine Upscaling for Early Clinical Phases of Cancer Therapy” where the audience of academics and experts of the industry well received the presentation.


The Nocanther project is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission within Horizon 2020. This project involves different companies such as Chemicell, Immupharma PLC, Resonant Circuits and different public agents such as IMDEA Nanociencia, CNIO, VHIR, VHIO, Trinity College and the University of Paris Diderot. The objective of this project is to develop an improved therapy based on iron oxide nanoparticles for the treatment of adenocarcinoma of the ductal pancreas. The function of BioPraxis in this project is the scaling of the manufacturing process and the design of the final formulation.

Moreover the presentation was focused on the development of the Hyperthermia treatment and it´s device which is being designed by Resonant Circuits Limited with very well and interesting results.

Biopraxis Research in Antigua (Guatemala)


Biopraxis attended a course in Antigua (Guatemala) aimed to stablish a network for the exchange of knowledge on regenerative medicine, genic and celullar therapy and its clinic application. The course was organized jointly by CSIC and the Spanish Agency for Cooperation and Development (AECID)

biopraxis en antigua

Prof. Eusebio Gainza presented his talk with title "Nanotherapy for the treatment of the pancreatic cancer" that was well received by clinicians and researchers. 

IMDEA Nanoscience representing NoCanTher at World Cancer Research Day in Madrid


Prof. Álvaro Somoza participated in a number of events marking the launch of 24th September as World Cancer Research Day, an initiative created by the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer.

The first event was the official launch of World Cancer Research Day, and a chance to meet the Queen of Spain who highlighted in her speech the importance of investigation in fight against cancer (Álvaro Somoza is pictured below with Letizia the Queen of Spain and Eugenio Vázquez from USC).

Alvaro and Queen

On the day itself Prof. Somoza got to meet members of the public in an event based in the famous Plaza del Museo Reina Sofía in central Madrid. The event was designed to shine a light on the investigation that is going on and help support this basic research (Luz A La Investigación). During his talk he emphasized how nanomedicine has much to offer in developing new cancer treatments. Amongst his various projects, NoCanTher was highlighted as a great example of how various centres of investigation in Europe can come together to make a real difference.


 The World Cancer Research Day initiative was originally designed to contribute to the objectives of the World Cancer Declaration in promoting cancer research and keeping its momentum going. It aims to accomplish the scientific advances that will lead towards achieving the goal that brings us together: to defeat cancer. 

Source: AECC.

Third NoCanTher Meeting in Vitoria


On the 3rd-4th of May the consortium met for the third meeting of the NoCanTher Project consortium, the meeting was hosted by Biopraxis in Vitoria, Spain at the Alava Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico De Álava).

The meeting gave everyone a chance to meet up face-to-face and talk about the project’s progress over the past 6 months. All members of the consortium were represented and the first day started with a tour of the sterile production facilities of Biopraxis. This was one of the highlights of the meeting as it gave us all a chance to see where the medical device will finally be produced, providing a huge boost for everyone.

The day continued with Prof Álvaro Somoza (IMDEA Nanociencia) updating the team on the project and key events of the past months. The WP leaders then summarised the progress of each individual work package, and a healthy open discussion was carried out about the challenges over the next 6 months. We then had a chance to enjoy the hospitality of the Basque country with a dinner organised by Biopraxis where we had the chance to taste some local dishes –I’m sure everyone would agree that whoever hosts the next event has a lot to live up to!

As always the second day focused on the next 6 months and each work package summarised their plans for the next few months. We set some targets and deadlines which I’m sure will set the project well moving in to the next stages. The venue for the next meeting is yet to be confirmed but we have a few options which will be discussed in the coming weeks. The one thing for sure is we will have a lot to talk about regarding the progress of this exciting project.

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